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“925” is best described as a Rock & Roll Party Dance Band.  Our band can play in a wide variety of events including corporate, festivals, private parties & night clubs.  Our goal is to put our clients at ease when planning the musical aspect of their party.  We have something for a variety of generations, playing musical genres to capture everyone’s interest.  Our repertoire includes songs from the 70’s and 80’s as well as current hits.  925 Band offers a visual as well as an audio Experience.  The band will dress to accommodate formal events.  We are available for your entertainment needs to provide excellence in customer service.. Learn more

Lead Singer
Bhey McMurtrie

Annabelle (“Bhey”) has been singing since the age of nine, Even at that young age, she loved joining singing contests and taking home the prize! In high school and college, she joined a band that performed at their school functions. She was a musical scholar at her university while in the school choir during her college years. She toured all over Asia and the Middle East since the age of 17, touring with professional bands.

Lead Singer

Rick began singing in elementary school in the church choir. For years Rick honed his style singing in Karaoke joints, then in 1999 (thank you Prince) Rick became the founding member of a classic-rock & blues cover band in the SF Peninsula called The Jack Aces. As front-man and PA system operator, Rick rocked the greater San Francisco Bay Area for 12 years. Rick performed hits from a wide range of Classic Rock & Roll, as well as Blues. In 2011, Rick joined another group of talented musicians in the East Bay called Delta Road.  Playing an even wider range of songs, including music from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pink Floyd, and ZZ Top.

Guitar & Vocals
Patrick V

With more than 20 years of pro experience in bands, Patrick brings a robust guitar playing to 925’s line up.  When he was 14 he  started his first band as lead guitarist and singer in Paris (where he’s originally from). His background and influence take sources from iconic guitarists and rock bands such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dire Straits, and Toto. Over the years, his classic rock foundations evolved towards a wider range of sounds and inspirations, leading to pop/funky style bands in the 90’s. Patrick is also involved in original music projects with Push and The Redeye Poet. 

Guitar & Vocals
dave reik

Dave started playing piano at the age of five – he played in his first professional band when he was 15 and never looked back. Since then he’s played with several Bay Area bands, including Pop Nation, Addison Street and the Raving Daves, who won the Battle Of The Bands at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Dave was born and raised in the music industry – his parents owned and ran a chain of music stores in the Bay Area (Reik Music). He has also owned and managed his own recording studio. He studied with Tom Coster of Santana and other great keyboard players during his musical career.

Bass, Vocals & Key Bass
kirk chan

Kirk is a Bay Area native and long-time musician that has been playing in bands since he was 13. With musical interests ranging from classical to rock, pop, soul and funk. He has most recently played with local groups Pop Nation, as well as The Raving Daves, the PeopleSoft corporate band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as Fortune Magazine’s Best Band Winner in the Corporate Battle of the Bands.

& Vocals
carol hardy

Carol is the percussionist for the 925 Band. She started playing music in grammar school where she took piano lessons from two very strict teachers. One was a Dominican nun in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. Sister Clarissa used a wooden ruler to enforce proper timing and hand posture. The other teacher was a Russian pianist who was equally strict. It is not surprising that Carol does not play piano publicly, but enjoys playing the tambourine, shaker, guiro, blocks, clave, salsa cow bell, chimes, congas, electronic percussion and bongos! 

joe kieren

Joe's first interest in drums was at the age of 11. He received a drum set three years later for Christmas and took lessons and loved it. Joe played in junior high and high school concert bands. After high school he played in a band with four other friends touring many of the Chicago & Milwaukee clubs. Joe is now the "man" playing drums and percussion for The 925 Band.

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